Jie Feng - PhD student, UC San Diego

Jie Feng

PhD student, UC San Diego

Advisor: Yuanyuan Shi

I am a second year PhD student in University of California, San Diego. My advisor is Prof. Yuanyuan Shi. I am interested in AI algorithms with stability constraints. Currently I am working on stability constrained voltage control problems with reinforcement learning algorithms.

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Publications (see all)

ArXiv Bridging Transient and Steady-State Performance in Voltage Control: A Reinforcement Learning Approach with Safe Gradient Flow.
J Feng, W Cui, J Cortes, Y Shi
ArXiv Stability Constrained Reinforcement Learning for Real-Time Voltage Control in Distribution Systems.
J Feng, Y Shi, G Qu, S H. Low, A Anandkumar, A Wierman
Neurocomputing Graph partitioning and graph neural network based hierarchical graph matching for graph similarity computation.
H Xu, Z Duan, Y Wang, J Feng, R Chen, Q Zhang, Z Xu
CVPR Workshop '20End-to-end Optimized Video Compression with MV-Residual Prediction.
XJ Wu, Z Zhang, J Feng, L Zhou, J Wu